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Neighbor Dearest Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward
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Edited to add in - Final Score - 5 ELEC IS STILL MY HEART FOR LIFE, BUT DAMIEN HAS A PIECE AS WELL Stars!!!

What can I say about this book? I felt as if I was consistently flopping between two strong emotion during the entire reading - anger and frustration.

After reading how Elec and Greta belonged together in "Stepbrother Dearest", I didn't think about Chelsea afterward at all. This book showed me the other side of that devastation - hers. And boy did I feel for her. Her anger with Elec, and her confusion over what went wrong. She just wanted to make sense out of a situation that was impossible. It was nice to know that Elec still helped her out with the rent on the apartment they shared. He didn't have to, but that's not Elec nature. He truly loved Chelsea, but not enough that it eclipsed his feeling for Greta.

Of course, the frustration immediately set in with the introduction of the moody artist, Mr. Damien. The constant push and pull from day ONE that they had, but chose each and every-time to ignore. I wanted to hit him with my G-ma's cast iron skillet at times! True story.

It was hard to see these share such a special spark from the very first conversation they had to just struggling to ignore their attraction. I kept wondering if and when they would give in. That goodness it wasn't too long.

The ups and down Chelsea and Damien faced were heart-wrenching and heartbreaking to consider, but they made it thru. In tact and together. That's the kind of love we all strive to find and keep. I would love to see more of them in another book. *hint, Hint*

Overall, this book just lit me up with both happy and sad tears. All there is left to say is - You don't want to mess this ride!

Penelope Ward has struck GOLD again with this story. Now, about Tyler & Jade's story ... ???

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