Review: The Witnessing of Matlyn Wren

The Witnessing of Matlyn Wren The Witnessing of Matlyn Wren by Jennifer Lynn January
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 My Heart is Broken Stars!!!

This book... *insert cry emoji*

Matlyn has everything a woman could possibly want - a thriving business, great friends, a loyal sister - but she's missing something. That HEA that's found everyone else but her.

Baker is living in a world of pain - he's an Omen, a guardian some would say. He's tasked with writing the stories of those who are about to leave the mortal world. He's charged with this duty for 100 yrs and then his suffering will come to end. An end he's looking forward to, until he meets the one woman who's story he wants to become a part of - Matlyn.

These two are star-crossed, more so than Romeo & Juliet! However, unlike R&J, Matlyn & Baker's journey has just begun.

That ending though ... beautifully written.

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