Review: Player's Princess

Player's Princess Player's Princess by Abigail Graham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 WHY DID IT END THERE? Stars!!!

***received ARC from author in exchange for honest review***

I can't believe it ended like it did! I was so into this book I never wanted it to end. But they way it ended? Boo! :(

Ana had a lot of growing up to do, but finding herself and her place in the world was truly enjoyable to read.

Seeing Jason prove not only that he was in it for the right reasons but that the feelings were more than a passing fancy was delightful to read. I was cheering him on the whole way thru.

I could not understand the mother... maybe a novella can be written about her experience?

I wish there to be a sequel to this. I feel that there's more to tell of Ana & Jason's relationship.

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