Review: An Indecent Proposal

An Indecent Proposal An Indecent Proposal by Katee Robert
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Final Score - 5 HOLY MOLY Stars!!!

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Again, "The Godfather" has got NOTHING on this series... thus far!

This story focuses on the O'Malley's again ... in particular Cillian. He's suffering still from the events in the last book. He's become an alcoholic mess, striking out at the risk of his own life. He can also be sweet, loving, & especially passionate - where one woman is concerned...

Olivia is the black sheep of a power Russian family. She smart, tough, and a fierce mother. She understands that being born female and a bastard at that means that she is used as a means to end. However, she's trying to raise her daughter away from that life - a life neither of them ever asked for.

Crime Family's, 1 Hell of a brother, and an ex with an ax to grind - who will be left standing this time... and who will have to make sacrifices?

What I liked/loved about this book: Cillian and Olivia's relationship. It did not start out traditional at ALL (cause lets face it, a casual hook-up in an alley?), but while it started that way, it was the bond that kept them coming back to one another when life & family obligations got the best of them. When these two love, they love HARD, & FAST, & DIRTY! Not even a homicidal ex and an evil dictator like brother could stop these two from wanting they very thing they should have - each other. I was not at all impressed by Dmitri, this time around. The fact that he breezed in & out of the book left me wishing he would just fade away more & more. This guy is a real threat to not only Olivia but her daughter as well.

What I disliked/hated about this book: The O'Malley Father. Bastard. A complete & utter dick & jerk! STILL!!! No wonder he's children never come to him for advice or help - he's useless! Sergei was another character I just couldn't understand. He's utterly cruel and I was left to wonder what exactly it was about him that intrigued Olivia to get involved with him. He puts Dmitri and the family above all else.

I can't wait for the next book in the series... this one will deal with Sloan. I'm nervous though about what her book/story could bring to pass. However, I know it will be an interesting read!

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