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Review: Unlocking Adeline

Unlocking Adeline Unlocking Adeline by J.D. Hollyfield
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Weeping Stars!

To find out that the fairy tale you were told was in fact the true is one thing... but that you are the one in the fairy tale? WHAT THE HECK?!

Adeline has just discovered that she's a princess of an unknown land, destined to rule & marry a prince. To anyone that would sound like a dream come true. But to Adeline, who's just been kidnapped by her intended ... she's plummeted into a nightmare where she will never see her loved ones again. Set to be married off to someone not of her choosing. Thrust into an unkind land where she is viewed as the enemy. What's this all-American girl to do?

Locke has just kidnapped is intended and plans to marry her off to his brother. He doesn't want to be a victim to a book's predictions about who he will marry. He doesn't want to rule the land, but rather run his life the way he sees fit. What's this man to do when faced with his intended's wraith?

FALL UNEQUIVOCALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY IN LOVE OF COURSE! But those the course of love is not without it's bumps and hurdles. Such as a scorned ex-fiance (her father's), an angry mother (her father's) and a love lorn childhood friend (his).

This book had me engrossed and I didn't want to put it down. I loved Addie's tenaciousness at standing her ground and trying with all her might not to fall for the brute who dismissed her and then kisses her at every turn. Locke had me wanting to belt him with a couple of knocks up beside his head as well.

Readers will enjoy this book, whether by laughing at Addie & Locke's attempts at trying to ignore one another, or crying over Addie's feeling of isolation and loneliness as she's in a hostile environment where not even the family she has there offer any kind of solace. And the ending to me while a bit abrupt was satisfying. I'm glad they found common ground & were able to bridge the gap - so to speak.

All in all, you don't want to miss this story!

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