Review: Say You'll Stay

Say You'll Stay Say You'll Stay by Corinne Michaels
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What can I say about this book that's different from all the reviews? Not much. But I can say that this book has touch me in profound ways.

I received this book as a gift (I was going to buy it myself after payday) from someone who'll I'll call C. Her only request - Don't wait a month to read it/review it. Vowing that I wouldn't, I gave myself a day and a half to work up to reading it, due to the nature/subject matter of the book.

I'm glad I gave myself that time! This book effected me so much... made me feel too much... made me want a love like Presley & Zach's. They were just kids who fell head over ass in love with one another. Of course, first loves are ALWAYS the toughest, hardest one's to overcome. They are the kinds of love we compare ALL of our "other" loves to - and yes, that is so true! - but they had one of the truest loves I've had yet to read in a book. Time, space, distance, marriage, children, life didn't diminish it.

Sure, they separated like most first loves do, found other's, got married and children were born. But the love they had for one another didn't go away. Instead it was buried deep beneath 17 years of resentment, separation, anger, mistrust and just plain miscommunication.

At first, I was totally pro-Presley. I understood where she was coming from and hey, it's always been Sistas over Mistas for me. Zach had to fight the epic battle of not only having been the one that left Presley behind, but he had to battle the memories of Presley's devastation after he choose a career instead of their planned HEA. But somehow during the course of reading, I became pro-Zach. That was a tough pill to swallow. However, I rooted for him to get thru to his stubborn "cowgirl" and make her SEE reason.

I wasn't surprised that there was more to Presley's feelings and why she pushed Zach away, but never was I so happy as when she finally let him in and divulged her own secrets that she was keeping.

The only time these two frustrated me was when the BIG reveal happened (and I knew who was behind that too!) and her boys were inadvertently hurt as a result. That made me so mad, I wanted to thru my e-reader at a wall! Those boys didn't deserve it... but I'm glad that both Zach and Presley made restitutions. Logan and Cayden seem to have made it thru.

This is my first Corinne Michael's story and I'm happy to say, IT WILL NOT be my last! There's more on the horizon and I for one am excited and can't wait to sink my teeth into them *thumbs up*

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