Review: Hottest Mess

Hottest Mess Hottest Mess by J. Kenner
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Final Score - 5 Where Do We Go From Here Stars!

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I feel for both Dallas & Jane - to have their love turned into an ugly thing by their kidnapper. They both never really recovered and in stead of bringing them closer together, it ultimately pushed them far apart.

Both they both survived and now have said Enough is Enough! They are living life on their own terms. I can't fault them for trying to find their joy in one another regardless of the way society or their family will view them. I want to stick my middle finger at their parents & society myself!

And that ending... What the hell?! Let me repeat that again... WHAT THE HELL?! OMG, this is NOT happening!!!

I can't say what happens, but just KNOW that this too will be your response in the end. Sweetest Taboo needs to come out like RIGHT THE HELL NOW! I can't wait too long to get answers, I need them pronto!

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