Review: Finding Me

Finding Me Finding Me by Stephanie Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 My Heart is So Full Stars!

I loved this story. From beginning to end, I could not put this book down, not even the past few hours and I've been sick as dog! But enough about that...

Owen! My goodness, do men like him really exist? Can I meet one? WHERE ARE THEY?! My heart is so melty swoony over his tenacious at not letting Bella walk away from him or giving up in his pursuing of her. That right there had me! And in the end, he got her, YES!

Bella! I so get where she was coming from. Having had Daddy issues myself, I learned that there are things our mother's tell us about our father that we simply just have to learn for ourselves. And I'm glad that she did, but not the way that it happened. I loved that Owen came to her defense. That whole scene had me bawling!

And the ending was perfect, although a bit abrupt. But I didn't care, I couldn't see it happening any other way! I just hope there is some kind of sequel to this. And the fact that this is a spin-off?

I just have to read Sam & Lucas' story next... or soon-ish. *wink*

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