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Lovegame Lovegame by Tracy Wolff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score – 4 Stars

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Ian Sharpe is a novelist, trying to uncover the truth behind a Hollywood starlet’s connection to serial killer. Sent to get an exclusive interview with the very private actress, Ian has no clue what he’s is about to uncover or the Pandora’s box of hurt and betrayal that will forever mar his path.

Veronica Romero is considered Hollywood royalty as the daughter of one of Hollywood's golden couples. Chased, used and betrayed by those closest to her, she’s perfected a shield of armor. Known for being mysterious, cool, and challenging, Ian somehow breaks through Veronica’s carefully constructed walls, but how far will he go?

The book had raw ecstasy, agonized truths unfold, & dark/dangerous obsessions that were exposed. The sex scenes were H-A-W-T and there were times when had to take a five-minute break, but it always left me wanting more. The big mystery of the “connection” will keep you guessing throughout the entire book, but I pretty much called it from the beginning.

There were a couple of chapters in the first 25% of the book where I couldn’t connect with either Ian, Veronica, or the story. I struggle a bit, to the point where I actually had to put the book down for one whole day before I picked it back up again. I got thru those chapters, just knowing I would be awarded in the end – and I wasn’t wrong nor left disappointed.

Ian is not your stereotypical hero. Yes, he's a total alpha male, but he’s also determined and passionate about uncovering the truth – to the point of being near-sighted. This will get him into trouble later in the story. Veronica is his match in every-way, however she keeps herself carefully hidden behind smoke & shadows, using her persona as a shield to prevent anyone from getting too close to her secrets. From their first meeting, you sense that the chemistry between these two is going to be off the charts HOT ... and you are not going to be disappointed in the least! As the story develops and their battle of wills ensues, they play the ultimate game of cat and mouse, where the weapons they use are seduction, passion, and sex. Their connection to each other is not just emotional but mental. They play off each other and give as good as they get.

Erotic suspense lovers will find this book right up their alley. Ms. Wolff created an enticing journey's for her characters although I was left wanting with the big reveal. I felt it was missing something. The epilogue was both poignant and well deserved, leaving me with the feeling of satisfaction that I completed my reading of this book. I appreciate the chance I was given to read this book and look forward to reading more from Tracy Wolff in the future.

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