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Review: His to Protect

His to Protect His to Protect by Stacey Lynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Oh My God, What Next? Stars!

***received ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

I have to sleep on this... so much to say, I need to word it right!

Declan. Masculine. Bar Owner. Loyal friend. Just fresh off a tumultuous divorce. When he finds someone raiding through his dumpster, never suspects that she would be beautiful, weary, or his future come to life.

Trina. Broken & beaten by her sick, vicious husband. On the run. Living in her car, in fear of being found and dragged back to more violence and abuse. She knows that Declan's offer of home & protection is kind, given that they are virtual strangers, but then why does she feel this strong attraction that cannot be ignored?

From the very beginning I knew how this would. But the journey there was one I could not predict. How do you trust a stranger with your life? TO keep you safe from the person who's supposed to be your everything, but turns out to be your worse nightmare?

It was awesome seeing Tyson & Blue appear in book, still together, still so much in love. I think seeing their relationship and hearing how it started helped Trina to know what she needed and wanted - Declan. He's comfort, his love, his very life (although she never asked it of him) to protect her. That's just how Declan operates - he's fiercely loyal to those he loves.

I feel like Declan should have slowed down a bit though - not force himself so strongly - especially given the way Trina's relationship with her husband ended. Its very hard for victims of spousal abuse to trust people, which is why Trina took long to let Declan in & tell him about her husband.

And I get it, Declan wasn't in a good position - he was flying blind and didn't know what he had gotten himself into - anyone else in his position would have done the same. I guess what really makes me question how sure he was of Trina was how his ex-wife acted during and after their marriage. But as unforgivable as how she was during their marriage, he still managed to put blind trust in Trina. And not only that, he fell in love with her as well & she with him.

The inevitable showdown with Trina and her husband had me nervous ... I was worried it was going to end badly, with Declan wounded. But thank goodness everyone made it out of that. And now Trina can start her life over again, in peace and tranquility... safe in the knowledge that Declan will NEVER hurt her, physically or emotionally.

This story was a great read as I read nearly 10 chapters a night just to get caught up & finished! I would definitely re-read this story. It should give all victims of abuse hope, knowing that can learn to trust again. Great writing!

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