Review: Sidebarred

Sidebarred Sidebarred by Emma Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 It's Over, I'm Sad but Happy Stars!

I'm so sad that this has ended, but much like Emma's previous work (The Tangled Series), this one leaves you with the ultimate sense of satisfaction and happiness. You even get a sneak peak into the future, where you get to see a of glimpse of how our gang is doing as grandparents, parents, and above all else - friends. Stanton & Sofia, Jake & Chelsea, Brent & Kennedy, even the kids - we see who've they turned into, but most importantly who they've become to each other...


I had a lot of laughs (courtesy of some wise-cracking kids) and some emotional tears (again, due to those kids), and some frustrating/cringe-worthy outbursts (Still can't believe he went all Alpha like that!).

This was the perfect ending to a great series of stories.

I will miss these characters.

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