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Review: One with You

One with You One with You by Sylvia Day
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


It's over! *insert cry emjoi* The epic love story of Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell is done. Finished. Kaput! I took an EXTRA long time to read this book as I didn't want to miss ANYTHING that could possibly be revealed buy skimming over it - as is my normal habit. And while this book did NOT disappoint with shocking reveals, the ending was... ambiguous to say the least. I don't like these types of endings. For me, especially with this series, I NEED to know if Gideon & Eva are okay - especially in light of what occurred. There's that little part of me that needs to know where they ended up in life & in their relationship with each other ... and their prospective families.

I can say that Gideon and Eva both have definitely come a LONG way since the beginning of the series - and have really formed a tight unit as a married couple. They've suffered, but in the end one thing remains constantly ... their love for each other.

Things I loved about this book:

1) I'm so happy that they FINALLY got to that place where Gideon was able to be open more - with the extreme way he expresses his love for Eva to the public

2) The way he's been able to open up to Eva regarding his decisions/thought processes in a calm manner. He's no longer the volatile Gideon, but an at peace Gideon.

3) I especially love that he's become more open to his family (in particular Chris & Ireland). His relationship with his step-father went from non-existent to friendly. He still has a way to go, but the thing is that now, he's open to having one with him. That makes my heart SING!

4) I'm so happy that they finally moved in together in all ways (Eva's sleeping in the same bed with Gideon)! That was the biggest step/leap they had yet to take.

Things I didn't like about the book:

1) As always, Gideon's mother! I hate her character. I don't understand her - nor would I want to. She utterly disgusts me and the fact that I kept hoping that she would see the light pisses me the hell off. How can a mother ignore what happened to their child? I thought would have a come to Jesus moment, only to be left wanting. I'm glad that she only made one appearance in the book and was never heard from again. *thumbs up emjoi*

2) Nothing gets resolved between Victor and Monica? Poo! *insert confused emoji* This was perhaps the second relationship I was rooting for in the series. Utterly let down!

3) The questions of: Is Tatiana in fact pregnant? Will Cary and Trey make a relationship between them work? Will Christopher and Gideon EVER form a brotherly relationship? - these were never answered. Kinda was invested in each of them as I have THEORIES! Oh well ...

4) The question of having children came up, but was always referred to as will happen in some distant future. Is this true? Can Gideon force himself to share his precious Eva with a child? I wanna know!!!

All in all, I loved this book, but there is still a lot of open unanswered questions! Especially that shocking revelation towards the end - is is possible that they may be answered at some undisclosed date in the future? I certainly hope so! But even is they aren't, I leave you with this:

"Until then, we had each other. And that was all we needed".

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