Review: The Marriage Contract

The Marriage Contract The Marriage Contract by Katee Robert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4. 5 Stars!

Wow... I thought watching "The Godfather" was brutal!

The mafia is no way to live one's life, especially with children involved, used as pawns to further the development of dynasties. Sheesh!

The O'Malley's are tough, but they have flaws as everyone should have. The kids are sweet, especially Devlin, Sloan, & Keira. You can just sense it in them, even though they don't have a predominate role in this book. Teague is 3rd oldest sibling and just wants to protect his brothers and sisters from this destructive way of life and their father Seamus. You root for him to be able to, but at what cost?

The Sheridan's have just suffered a major loss - their son Ronan was killed in DUI and that has left only one other heir to this crime family. His sister Callista. You feel bad for her immediately - first off, she was born a woman & woman as heads of crime family are virtually non-existent; second, she's still suffering from the loss of her brother; and third, she's about to be negotiated into marriage by her father Colm to another crime family ...

The Hallorian's are disgusting. Brutally violent. Lacking a moral compass. They are sure to wind up in a special kind of hell, only reserved for deviants, child molesters, killers, etc. Brendan is oldest & he's about to be wed to Callista - is anyone else worried about this? I was from the very beginning. He's brothers James & Ricky vary is degrees of depravity, but the worse of them ALL is definitely Brendan & their father Victor.

3 Crime Familys, 3 Fathers, and 3 Children tied together in a web of secrets, distrust, & murder - who will be left standing?

What I liked/loved about this book: Teague and Callista's relationship, while it didn't start out traditional, it was the bond that kept them from falling apart. The intrigue & inner workings of things were done according to "the code" was an interesting take on how the mafia works. But by far my favorite character, because there wasn't said/explained about her is Carrigan. She's the background character, who sees what goes on behind the scene. She has all this wealth of knowledge, but hasn't divulged any of those secrets. It will interesting to get into her head-space...

What I disliked/hated about this book: The O'Malley & Hallorian Fathers. Bastards. Abusive jerks! They only thing that matter to either of them was saving face & revenge - although I did understand they each lost a child - but the lengths they went to in the name of it? Reprehensible, but then again, this is apart of "the code", but it was a tough pill to swallow.

I can't wait to start the next book in the series & learn more about Carrigan though.

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