Review: Tease

Tease Tease by Sophie Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 EPIC Stars!!!

Emerson is man-eater or at least that what her friends call her, who's in college trying to care about nothing and no one except graduating. Shaw is marine just coming home & trying to assimilate back to civilian life. In a perfect world, these two mismatched souls should have never crossed paths, but this world is imperfect.

I loved the chemistry between these two from the first - Emerson sees Shaw across a crowded, rowdy cowboy bar and feels an immediate connection to him. And Shaw isn't unaffected either in the least - something about her calls to him. A hallway and bar fight innocently started are how these two are finally drawn together. First words are exchanged and it's impossible to see the attraction between the two, but Emerson doesn't do hookups unless it's on her own turns. An incident from her past makes it impossible for her to let go of her control over any/all situation. Until Shaw that is.

I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between would be stalker and would be prey - it's up to the reader to decide whom is which. With every word utter, these two just fall more and more under the other's spell, until final the attraction can no longer be denied. Of course, these sends Emerson fleeing but Shaw is an ALL or nothing kind of guy. Can Emerson trust him with her painful past that is still prevalent in the present or will she walk away?

These two could not be anything other than made for each other - Shaw pulls Emerson out of her shell and Emerson makes Shaw feel again at a time when he needs it the most. These two just took a while to get their acts together and while it was frustrating to read at times, I couldn't walk away either!

I can't wait to read the conclusion of this series - as a snipet was given at the end - and if its any like its predecessors, I can tell I'm in for another roll-a-coaster ride. All aboard!

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