Review: Left Behind

Left Behind Left Behind by Vi Keeland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Emotionally Crippled Stars!

The secret of this book is pretty much a given from the beginning, especially if you have paid attention to the small details (like I have), so that wasn't much of a shock to me.

However, that's not to say that this doesn't deliver on other shocking revelations. OMG... it totally does, in spades! I'm still reeling from them. I just... can't believe a grown woman can hold so much resentment towards an innocent child, especially one who was so clueless as Nikki was.

Poor Nikki has lost her world - her mom is dead. She's about to be put into the foster system with no way of escape until her 18th birthday. Until she gets a letter from her mom saying that she's got family she didn't know about and perhaps they can help her now.

Zack has also lost his world - his girlfriend Emily. Although things have been rough lately between them, they've been friends turned more over the years. Except for one night when an argument leads to a rift that can never be bridged.

Is it possible that the fates have aligned for Zach and Nikki to come together to heal one another? Or is just a cruel twist of fate? To me, this is NO cruel twist of fate, but it isn't exactly fate bringing them together either. They were more than likely never supposed to meet, but they did. I don't call that fate, I call it happenstance.

In any case, back to the big secrets revealed - I wanted to physically punch someone afterward (you'll know who after reading). Like seriously wanted them to end up with a big fat lip, with blood dripping down. I hate careless adults who blame kids for their parents actions. But karma is a bitch, and this person - although its not really revealed what happens to them - does get a dose of it, and rightly so!

I love this book... it will stay with me for quite some time afterward. Beautifully written and worthy of sequel - if the authors ever decide to do one. But even if they don't - it ended on a well note, although some questions I have still linger. I guess its time to employ my over active imagination to construct the answers.

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