Review: His to Love

His to Love His to Love by Stacey Lynn
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Final Score - 4.5 How Could She EVER Forgive Him Stars?

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I'm still reeling here and I literally just put the book down to jump here & write this review!

Gabriella. Blue. Mafia princess. Innocent. She knows what her father is, but he's FAMILY - and family sticks together, no matter what!

Tyson. Blackbird. FBI agent. Liar. He knows the man who killed his father needs to be brought down, but at what cost?

From the very beginning I knew this would end badly. And while I get why Tyson needed to bring Jimmy down, the price... wasn't worth it to me IMO. It was immoral, unconscionable, and just down-right WRONG what he did & how he went about it. I would NEVER be able to forgive him, even if I loved him since forever. And that's the thing that doesn't sit well with me - Blue basically in the end kind of said "It's okay you lied me, just so long as you don't do it again". Uh, what? No! HELL NO!

I feel like she should have stressed how while she still loves - because she does - this would always be a sore spot between them and something that she would never be able to move past. No matter how much she hated her father, or the fact that they weren't close - Tyson betrayed her in the worse way imaginable - even more so than her own father - and it felt to me like it got swept under the rug. I just don't believe that... can't believe that.

And I get it, Tyson wasn't in a good position - between his job & the woman he's always loved, but man... there are just some lines you NEVER cross and he crossed ever single one of them. I guess what really makes me unforgiving is that he basically begged Blue not to let her father come between them again, but yet he made it so that her dad would come between them no matter what. Ugh!!!

Malik gave me the creepy vibe from day 1. No one with the crap he was involved in. Jimmy did nothing to warm my heart as a father especially with his treatment of Blue. He did deserve what he got in the end, I just wish it wasn't at his daughter's expense.

This story was a great read as I read nearly 20 chapters last night just to get caught up & finished, but man... the toll. I don't know if I could read this again, knowing the outcome, but I did enjoy the emotional roll-a-coaster ride. Great writing!

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