Review: Gash

Gash Gash by Sam Crescent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Pulse Pounding Stars!

I have to say, this one had more intrigue, more violence than any of the other Skulls series I've read and I'm desperate for more!

Gash spent years in prison, convicted of crimes he didn't commit. That was no where near as bad an experience as poor Charlotte. To be violated in such a manner, and have a life taken from you? I'd want vengeance as well. The fact that they both didn't get it infuriates me!!! And to find out that Master is... well, I have to admit, I totally saw that coming.

I'm just glad that Gash found that part of himself again and Charlotte was the one to help bring it back - his humanity. For far too long her let hate, anger and revenge rule his life where the one good thing to ever happen in his life, nearly slipped thru his fingers. Charlotte was unlike any of the other Skulls women but at the same time she found her place within the group. It was touching to see how welcomed with open arms the girls and club were to her, especially with Gash being her old man. LOL

Some questions that are sticking in mind - Will Master win this elaborate game his cooked up? Will the Chaos Bleeds & Skulls crew put their past animosity aside to take him down? And just who will be left standing when the smoke clears? And when oh when will Devil and Tiny let Simon and Tabitha be together?!

I cannot WAIT for the next installment in both series'. Sam Crescent... well done my lady - WELL DONE!

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