Review: Fight for Her, Volume 1

Fight for Her, Volume 1 Fight for Her, Volume 1 by J.J. Knight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!!!

An MMA fighter. A small child. A protective mother. What happens when what you love conflicts with your passion?

Parker is an MMA fighter who loves Maddie, even though they aren't together. Why? Because in the world of MMA fighting, life and death go hand in hand. Maddie is a fiercely protective mom who loves Parker, but can't stand by and watch him take his life into his hand every time he enters the ring. And Lily is their child, caught in the middle of her parents separation. Struggling to understand why she can't have a full time mom AND dad.

This story broke my heart. I could identify with Lily calling her daddy, wanting to know why he's not around more.

But now Parker has the toughest decision ahead of him to make... does he give up his passion (MMA fighting) for those his loves (Maddie & Lily) or does he risk losing the only things that matter in life - his family.

This is part 1 of a series of 4 books. I can't wait to take the journey to see what Parker decides and how the ramifications of that decision effect his relationship with the woman he loves and the child he adores.

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