Review: Comanche Moon

Comanche Moon Comanche Moon by Catherine Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4 I May Need a Minute Stars...

Loretta has been left emotionally scarred, unable to talk after surviving an attack that killed her parents. She lives with her aunt, uncle and young cousin and helps out on their farm.

Hunter is a Comanche warrior. A prophecy foretells of his destiny with a golden-haired woman. But Hunter has no love for whites after they killed his wife and many of his people.

This is my second time re-reading (first time reviewing). Comanche Moon is well-written. Ms Anderson must have given unusual devotion to her research into Comanche culture and era of the book, which added a realistic touch.

However, it’s also not without its faults - the story dragged, especially with the back and forth between Hunter and Loretta (do they love each other, respect each other cultural differences, live together, etc) & there are elements of the book that left me questioning why did I re-read this, such as the rape of a 12 year-old girl by a group of men continually over days. I'm all for accurate representation of the times, as these were often very violent times, it just left a bitter taste in my mouth and tears in my eyes.

Nevertheless, Comanche Moon is still a good read, with the strength here being Ms. Anderson's strong story-telling and writing. It’s not in the same class as being one of my favorites, but in my opinion is one of the best Native American historical romances written.

I will need time to move onto the other books from this series, as they deal with members of Loretta and Hunter's family (her cousin - the rape victim, a fellow tribesmen of Hunter's who has loved this cousin, and their children), to process what I've read and to come to terms with it.

I will say that I did not put it down all day, and I did housework while taking care of my puppy as well. So it was definitely all encompassing.

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