Review: Lust is the Thorn

Lust is the ThornLust is the Thorn by Jen McLaughlin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Final Score - 5 Stars!!!

There's something about forbidden love that just makes my heart pound, my hands sweat, my head ache knowing the obstacles that are in the way. Preventing a HEA for two people who have suffered not only from the knocks of life, but from what they perceive to be right and wrong.

Thorn was involved in an accident that took someone's life. Someone very close to him and as penance, decides to be come a priest - devoting himself to God. Rose lost her brother years ago in tragic accident. She's had a hard life since but the one thing that never faltered - carrying a torch for his best friend - her childhood friend, Thorn.

From the first page to the last, these two lost souls have made me sigh in frustration, laugh at the dynamic of their friendship, look in awe at the love so obviously there but hidden behind grief and regret. At one point, I may have screamed with excitement when it all came to a head and their love could no longer be denied, but I cried for them after Thorn's secret came to light.

How do you forgive one love from taking away another? How do you move forward? How does love survive? And how do you move forward with the knowledge to lead a healthy normal life & have a relationship.

The answer was simple - love & friendship. Rose and Thorn have been there for each other since childhood. Thru all their ups and downs, one thing always remained true for them both - one did not, could not exist without the other.

I loved this story and it was beautifully well written. I highly recommend it!

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