Review - Uncoverd (Colours of Love Series, Book 2)

Uncovered  (Colours of Love, #2)Uncovered by Kathryn Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 WHY DOES SHE STAY Stars?!

At this point, Jonathan is coming across as an A$$. He wants only what he wants, on his terms. But, he wanted to try with Grace. That's not how this works Jonathan!!!

And she stays?! She puts up with his moods, his flip-flop attitude, his indifference, the rage, all for what? Scraps?

I wanted to throw this book SO many times in frustration at the both of them! Sometime, it's just better to walk away. I would a long time ago. I guess Grace still sees something in him, that I just can't.

Nice twist there about his parents... although, I kinda felt it would head in that direction. I guess that and Sarah & Alex's relationship is why I stuck around til the end.

Now... about that ending... FAN-FRIGGIN'-TASTIC!!! I would have made him squirm a bit more though - the man has put her through an emotional ringer! And she still was giving him affection during his apology. UGH!!! Someone needs to teach her how to stand up BETTER for herself!

Now, onto the conclusion... oy vey!

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