Review - Unbound (Colours of Love Series, Book 1)

Unbound - Colours of Love (Colours of Love Series Book 1)Unbound - Colours of Love by Kathryn Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 WHOA, WHAT DID I JUST READ Stars!

So, Grace is inexperienced in ALL things - life, men, sex, etc. She flies to England for an internship, and immediately upon landing meets her "new" boss and falls for him? Ignores everyone's warning and pursues him to the distraction of becoming known as "office slut" to her work colleagues?

Does this novel scream ANTI-WOMAN'S LIBERATION to me or what? The answer: Yes... and no.

Right now, I really don't know how I feel about Grace's blind trust/faith in Jonathan - the man has done NOTHING but say that she's quick easy lay & that's all she'll ever be. And yet she comes back for more and MORE each time difficulties come up.

I have sneaking suspicion that after I finish this series, I'll want to hurl my iPad at the nearest wall and scream "WHY DID I READ THAT"? But... also, at the same time - I have to admit I too am intrigued by enigmatic Jonathan and what his "damage" is. Cause lets face it - from Day 1, he's shown some damage not only in his actions, but also his body language & interactions with others. The only people he's let close enough to him are his sister, but even that has it's limits. Yes, I want to peel back his layers and discover just what makes him tick.

So... onto the next book it is for me!

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