Review - Safe At Last

Safe at Last (Slow Burn, #3)Safe at Last by Maya Banks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Teary Eyed Stars

This book just about broke my heart ... for the hero/heroine. God! The stuff they've been thru, the deceit that separated them, the final act that just about blew them apart - appalling! Disgusting! Unimaginable! I wanted to commit murder as well.

Thankfully, cooler head prevailed and justice was served - but not enough IMO. We only found out what happened to two of the four perpetrators, I wanted to know what happened to the others. I think I as a reader deserved to know!

Otherwise, the HEA was so sweet and 12 yrs in the making - thus making it so RICHLY deserved. By far the best of the series yet!

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