Review - Stepbrother Obsessed

Stepbrother ObsessedStepbrother Obsessed by Devon Hartford

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score 5 STARS

Received this book free for an honest review... so here it goes -

There was NOTHING I didn't love about this book. Frustrating to read through? Yes! But I think that was more me than the book. lol

Great plot & character development - I was totally engrossed by Skye's first person narrative of her story. She had me laughing, crying, angry, happy throughout.

Although I wanted to bash Dante & Gordon's heads together at many times during the story, they both endeared themselves to me.

Rox is the BFSF you WANT to have until the END OF TIME, although there was a time I was worried about her intentions.

All in all... I'm thoroughly satisfied with how the book ended, although I do admit to wanted to know a bit more about what happened to the archenemy in the book (but that's just my curiosity speaking!). lol

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