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HeroHero by Samantha Young

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I have so many thoughts swirling in my head right now... I'm gonna have to come back later & leave a more cohesive and thought out synopsis/review.

Okay... I've had some time to think of what I wanted to say...

I did NOT like Caine. At all. I understood that Alexa's family had brought his nothing but pain suffering, but I guess the saying is true - you punish those who appear weaker than yourself. And for Caine that person was Alexa. And I did NOT like that at all. Factor the fact that he disrespected her at every turn and I just wanted to stop reading. But I trudged on, and then it started to happen.

Caine turned me around to his side. How? The longer he was around Alexa, the more his vulnerability, his standoffish-ness seemed to crack. He started to, albeit unwillingly & slowly, to let her in. She made him seem human and not just the jackass he presented for the first moment he came across the page.

From beginning to end I fluctuated between anger & indignation on Alexa's behalf - wanting her to just give up and walk away from the ass! But she didn't. And then I turned my anger & frustration on her. But then she said something that clicked with me - everyone leaves her behind in the end. And like that - BAM! My heart ached for her.

Cause I always felt that way myself. Then, it turned back to anger at Caine over his treatment of her. Never has a book made me question my SANITY in reading it to the end with all these emotions playing out of me. To me, that's the sign of a great writer - to make you FEEL all these emotions and still have enjoyed reading their work.

I highly recommend this book - you will NOT be disappointed!

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